Welcome to Sapling

Sapling is an uncollateralized lending protocol created to help solve one of the most significant challenges for the global economy - getting capital into the hands of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to help them grow.

SMEs represent over 90% of businesses worldwide and are estimated to be responsible for 50-70% of employment globally, but find it increasingly difficult to obtain credit due to structural and regulatory changes in the global banking industry in recent decades.

We are strong advocates of SMEs, recognise the critical role they play in contributing to global GDP and believe that supporting SMEs around the world will have an incremental, positive impact on global growth.

We are equally passionate about Web3 and blockchain technologies, are convinced that they can solve real-world problems and believe that using these new technologies will create (i) greater access to capital for SMEs and (ii) markedly more efficient deployment of capital to businesses that are under-served by the current banking system.

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